Tree Tattoo Designs to Choose From

by ryan


Tree Tattoo Designs to Choose From


A tree tattoo sounds like a strange idea to some but for those who own one, they are more than just a simple tree. They can be beautiful or they can have great meaning. The intricate detail of something that is still natural makes this tattoo especially suitable to adorn the human skin. In this article, I’ll tell you about 4 great tattoo designs that you should consider if you want your next tattoo to be one of a tree.

Blossom Tree Tattoo

Blossoming trees as tattoos have been popular for a long time. When most people see one, they don’t think of a tree and this is usually because the trunk is thin and the emphasis is on the branches/shoots and the flowers.

The cherry blossom tree tattoo is especially popular. These trees are highly valued in East Asia but are loved as a tattoo subject the world over.

Another reason that the cherry blossom makes for a great tattoo is because of the contrast between the red/pink flowers and the dark brown of the tree. Many tattoos enjoy this stark contrast in colours.

Tree Of Life Tattoo

The tree of life is a theme of interrelated life that is used throughout science, religion, mythology and philosophy. Thus, it makes for a great subject for a tattoo, something that is so worldly and yet also individual at the same time. Something that cannot be denied.

There are many variations of this tattoo. Some are simple outlines not very different from tribal style tattoos. Some are highly detailed and colourful. Some are long and extending. Others are enclosed in a circle and more of a motif or emblem (see below).

Family Tree Tattoo

A family tree tattoo is intensely personal and a way to pay homage to your family, especially your forefathers – many of whom may have already passed away. In this respect, a tattoo like this can be a great combined tribute to your loved ones instead of the alternative of getting multiple tattoos.

Celtic Tree Tattoo

The Celtic tree of life is a common idea for a tree tattoo. You don’t need to have Celtic familial roots (no pun intended!) at all in order to have such a tattoo.

This type of design features a boundary of a circle within which can be found the tree but also the roots. In fact, the roots occupy as much space as the branches.

This is because the Irish druids believed that the branches reach into the heavens while the roots grip tightly to the ground and thus the tree forms an important connection between Heaven and Earth.




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