Tattoo Designs – Making a Choice

by ryan


Tattoo Designs – Making a Choice


While considering a tattoo, it’s extremely critical that you put great, careful thought into tattoo designs. Let’s start with a startling and sobering statistic: A study conducted at the University of Connecticut revealed that 22% of people had regrets about the quality of their chosen tattoo designs. That’s almost 1 in 4 people who wished they would have taken more time and care selecting tattoo body art!


Of course, the majority of people sporting tattoos probably chose something “off the shelf,” so to speak – a canned design they found on the Internet or on display in a tattoo artist’s shop. If you’re happy with that … then you’re happy!

No problem.

Take Careful Consideration and Thought Making a Tattoo Design Choice

But for many people, the idea of displaying a tattoo design that a few thousands other people are also wearing is not what true body art is all about. And so they seek a tattoo design from a specific artist whose work they admire. But even if you find such an artist, there’s still more to consider. Of primary concern in the skill level of the artist in inking his or her creation to your skin. Some people are fabulous artists, their work looks great on paper or in photos – but will it look as good on you?

It can be tough to make sure you are getting both a skilled tattoo design artist and a proficient inking process. One of the very best ways to get a reading on a particular tattoo provider is to get recommendations from trusted friends and associates – and also examine the look of their body art work.

To help make your decision of choosing a tattoo design easier, consider three broad categories:

1. Personality. The design must match your own personality and what suits it.

2. Taste. You don’t want to look “cheap” or negative in any way.

3. Balance. Will the design be balanced in form and proportion to your body.

How many tattoo designs might you look through before you make a decision? Of course, everyone is different, but it comes very – very! – strongly suggested that you sort through hundreds, maybe even a thousand or more! Don’t look at this as a tiresome or negative process. It is difficult to think of a personal decision with greater implications than adopting something that may appear on your body for nothing less than the rest of your life! (Yes, tattoo can be removed, but the process can be arduous and imperfect).

It can be a sinking feeling to get your tattoo, only to see a tattoo design a month or two later that veritably screams out:

“I’m perfect for you!” Of course, you could go ahead and get a second tat – unless you already have the “perfect location” on your body already occupied!

So the issue is not just finding a tattoo design — there are thousands of them online and elsewhere. The real decision is finding the exactly right design for you, your personality, body form and psychological harmony.

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