Shooting Star Tattoo Designs

by ryan


Shooting Star Tattoo Designs


Shooting star tattoos look dynamic (rather than static) and these tattoos are also pretty simple but give a nice impact in their multi-coloured, fantastical way. In this article, I’ll tell you about 5 different variations that you can consider before getting your tattoo.

Shooting Star Tattoo Meaning

Shooting star tattoos don’t really have any meaning. A shooting star is, of course, an asteroid that burns up in the atmosphere.

To some people though, a shooting star represents a fleeting but significant moment in time that has changed your life forever.

Shooting Star Tattoos For Girls

These tattoos are usually worn by girls so really it is only the location that you need to think about. Really nice places to get them done are on one of the hips, the back of the shoulder, the nape (back of the neck) and the side of the torso.

Shooting Star Neck Tattoos

These are usually found in one of two places. The first is the nape which is the back of the neck. Many celebrities such as Rihanna have tattoos here. Such stars are usually arranged in a small cluster with each one being very, very small. With the stars being so small, the level of detail is not especially high.

You can also get these behind the ears at the top-most part of the side of the neck. There is not much space here though so three or four small stars is probably a reasonable limit.

Shooting Star Tattoos For Men

Many guys like the looks of shooting star tattoos, even as they are. You don’t need to change the design but many guys prefer more masculine colours to be used.

A good way to get a shooting star tattoo if you’re a guy is to get it in black ink only with some stars solid and some blank in the middle. Or, you could use a different colour scheme instead of the usual pinks, yellows and sky blues. Instead, you could go for reds, oranges, intense greens and the like.

Shooting Star Tattoos On Hip

In my view, this is the best tattoo that you can get on your hip. The shooting stars look great going above and around the bony part of the hip..

Falling Star Tattoo

Falling stars and shooting stars – what is the difference?

There really is none – both are the same thing. Sometimes, people refer to shooting stars that are drawn in a vertical fashion to be falling stars but this definition is a matter of opinion rather than fact.




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