Searching For The Perfect Polynesian Tattoos

by ryan


Searching For The Perfect Polynesian Tattoos

If you are looking for amazing tattoo designs, than I strongly suggest that you stick around, and keep on reading about my quest after that unique and mysterious tattoo that at last I found at this great online tattoo gallery.

A few years back I searched everywhere for authentic and meaningful Polynesian tattoo designs and my searches came up short, I’m sure that you’d be frustrated too if you were me. The only tribal tattoos I found were amateur and I got the feeling that they weren’t drawn by professional artists.

Finally I found a Hawaiian tattoo parlor, not far from where I live, that had a few great designs of native warriors, and beautiful triangular shapes; but the verity of designs was very slim. Eventually I decided to go online and take my best shot!


At first I looked for tattoo sites, but it was too general and believe me – I was starting to give up on the idea; especially because every Polynesian tattoo designs I found and tried to print had low quality print out. If it were 1 or 2 sites I could understand it, but unfortunately at most of them it was the same story all over again, like the Hawaiian tattoo parlor, the verity is VERY slim when it comes to the “free tattoo sites”.

A minute before I said “the hell with it” like probably you said to yourself, I found  “Tahiti Tatou” online gallery. I was amazed with the extensive selection of designs and categories, from Gothic tattoos to Polynesian designs!

After a few visits I’ve noticed that the site is updating its inventory every few days with new categories and beautiful designs, drawn by truly gifted artists that contribute their original works.

After I’ve finally decided on my scorpion tattoo (that you can see on your right) I printed it out, and the quality was VERY good.

But like all good things in life… in order to access the sits’ database I needed to register and pay a fee, but believe me it was worth it! , After my endless searches for that one chosen tattoo.

Sure, there are many free Polynesian tattoo designs sites on the web but after a LONG search I can tell you: if you ‘re serious about getting a tattoo – remember: it’s for life, this is not the time to be cheap (that’s what I said to myself) and went along and tried it – it’s good! , try it yourself now & you’ll thank me later.






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