Interesting Zodiac Tattoo Designs

by ryan


Interesting Zodiac Tattoo Designs


Zodiac tattoos are a great way to have something personal to you tattooed onto your skin. Here I want to tell you what they mean and why people get them and also tell you about 5 great example zodiac tattoo designs you can check out for ideas before getting your next tattoo.

Zodiac Tattoos Meanings

Zodiac tattoos relate to astrology and the positions of the stars. Some people believe that we are under the influence of stars and planets in outer space and they can even change our behaviour and influence our life path.

Even if you don’t believe this, there are many people who still like to occasionally read their horoscope and perhaps have some tiny belief in astrology. A tattoo of zodiac starsign is also a great way to get something that is unique to you.

Zodiac Tattoos – Cancer

The most popular zodiac tattoo is for cancer. Quite why those born under this starsign get the most zodiac tattoos, I have no idea. It could have something to do with the stars! 😉

Legend has it that Cancer was a brave crab that assisted a Greek goddess, Hera, to fight Hercules.

There are many versions of this tattoo. Some of them simply feature a crab, in many forms. I have even seen a tribal version of the crab that looks pretty cool.

Most of the time, the cancer zodiac tattoo is depicted as a symbol. The basic cancer symbol looks like two tailed objects that lie beside each other and it is a really easy tattoo to modify to get your own unique spin on it.

Leo Zodiac Tattoos

Leo is the lion and so it is not difficult to see why many born under this starsign choose to get a tattoo of this creature. There are many different ways to get a lion tattoo so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to zodiac tattoo designs.

The alternative is to get the official Leo symbol. It looks like a small circle with a large tail coming out of it. It is simple but very unique and looks great as a tattoo even if done only in simple black ink.

Libra Zodiac Tattoos

libra zodiac tattooLibra is also known as “The Scales”. A set of balancing scales and the idea of balance and harmony is a great theme to get tattooed about. The symbol for Libra is interesting in its own right. It looks like two horizontal and parallel lines but the one above has a bulge in it.

The best version of a Libra tattoo that I have ever seen was a set of scales tattooed onto a woman’s medium sized pair of breasts.

Chinese Zodiac Tattoos

The Chinese zodiac is totally different to the western one and is based on your year of birth rather than the month (or close to). Chinese zodiac symbols all correspond to a particular animal.

So, you can either get tattooed with the Chinese word for your animal (Chinese character tattoos look great and have been popular for some time now) or you can get tattooed with a picture of the animal itself.



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