How to Make Henna Tattoos

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How to Make Henna Tattoos

Since ancient times, Henna powder, or Henna, has been used by Arab women to beautify themselves, on the occasion of festivals, ceremonies for the hair dye or temporary tattoos, but not only as a beauty treatment but also as a good omen.


It comes in the form of greenish powder and is obtained from the dried leaves and branches of “Lawsonia inermis“, a thorny shrub that grows in the Mediterranean, India and Asia Minor, reaching up to a height of one meter in some areas, as close to the Sahara in Morocco. The color tone issued varies depending on the composition of the powder between branches (a red color) and leaves (a brown color).

In the past, have been found paintings dating from the Bronze Age in which women are portrayed displaying tattoos with henna during celebrations for the arrival of spring or other rites for fertility and now many women use this product to make long lasting temporary temporary tattoos on hands and feet (they last around 2-3 weeks).

How to make long lasting temporary tattoos?You need to purchase good henne, you can find packs of this dust even in the bazaars of ethnic products, but is very important to check that the color is greenish and that is a recent delivery to make sure that the product is fresh.

How to make long lasting temporary tattoos

To do some temporary tattoos, you need to prepare a creamy mixture with sifted powder, mixed with lemon juice with a plastic teaspoon (not metal to avoid oxidation or color change) in a bowl of ceramic or plastic. You can add a little sugar or honey to the mixture to reach a higher density and so make it easier the application to the skin, and possibly add a few drops of essential oil to give a good fragrance, but you need to check if you are allergic to the components.




This mixture can also vary according to the temperature of the room and the possible presence of moisture in the air, so it is always better to add ingredients gradually because there is no standard dose, it is important that the final product results thick and creamy.

After we are done the mixture we need to cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and let it stand away from light and heat until it releases the color, it can be for a few hours or even a whole night, depends on the humidity and the type of powder!

In general, you will see a surface layer that is more brown while the mixture under it is green.Now you are ready to make long lasting temporary tattoos.

For the drawing on the skin you will use a toothpick, a needleless syringe or a cone of parchment paper, remember that is important to protect the other areas with a little bit of olive oil or wear gloves to prevent stains!
It is possible to seal your long lasting temporary tattoos, passing over them,after it cooled down a mixture of sugar dissolved with lemon over low heat.

Once finished the creation of your temporary tattoo, you must wrap the part drawn with paper or some sorta of insulating fabric and let the compound dry without changing the design of the tattoo. When the product is completely dry (better to wait about 7-8 hours or overnight), just remove the film or the protection paper and the mixture dry and you can see your temporary tattoo ready.

If the result is good, if you want to do other tests and there is some mixture left you can keep it frozen in the freezer for a few months and then bring it at room temperature to use.





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