History of Polynesian tattoo designs

by ryan


History of Polynesian tattoo designs


As one who’s excited about tribal tattoos, especially Polynesian tattoo designs, I learned during my quest after that unique design, a few things that can help all of you out there:

Location, Location, Location

When considering on getting ink done on your body, you should think about the location on your body. Most of us in the “tattoo tribe” do it to make a statement to the world, and with Polynesian tattoo designs it’s mostly the case when you want to differentiate yourself from others and to be considered unique. So in my opinion if you’re a guy, the best place for it should be on your shoulder, or your upper back.


But if you’re a foxy chick there are a lot of sexy places that comes to mind: above your breast, on your lower back, or on your belly.

Choosing the Right Tattoo Design for You

After you zeroed on the location, now comes the really hard part.

For me deciding on the right design was a tricky thing, because I wanted it to be special, authentic, and with a meaning, it was a tormenting.

Until one day I happen to see on TV a documentary about the Hawaii’s natives –and their distinctive Polynesian tattoo designs, and immediately they caught my eye. Then I started searching for them everywhere, tattoo parlors, museums, and on the web up until I found the one!

So I don’t know how it’s going to be for you, but what I most certainly know is you got your heading, don’t stop searching for that special one, and one you find it first print it out.

Tattoos Are for Life – Do a Temporary One First!

So after the long search, you’ve finally found it, bear in mind that the tattoo is going to be there for life! Before you make the decision, do what I did, go and make a temporary henna tattoo, see how it feels, and then make your decision with no regrets.

So now it all up to you and as an old wise man once said:” every journey starts with one small Tattoo…”



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