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by ryan


15 Printable Heart tattoos for women Designs


Heart tattoos for women look great but which one should you get? There are many to choose from and some look better on men than women.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to get the feminine ones and tell you about 5 great heart tattoo designs to check out before getting your next tattoo.

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How To Avoid Heart Tattoos For Men

Manly tattoos look a lot different to heart tattoos for women. First, the location matters. Men get tattoos like this on their chest, their back or the top of the arm. Also, the designs are different. Men tend to get tattoos with large angel wings. Writing across the tattoo is also popular.

Now let’s see what makes a heart tattoo for a woman.

Heart Tattoo On Wrist

heart tattoo on wristGetting a heart tattoo on the wrist is a great idea. Most women go for a single or sometimes two hearts. The hearts are very small though, less than an inch across.

You can either get an outline of a heart in black ink or the same thing but filled in with red. Most people go for the first one but I personally think the second looks better.

Simple Heart Tattoos

The simple heart tattoo is usually just black ink outline and sometimes coloured in. There are many twists on it though. You can make the heart angled, for example, or you can put a tail on the heart. The heart shape is so simple that it is easily modified like this. Just try scribbling something on paper and see what comes to mind.

Heart Tattoos On Hip

This is a location almost exclusively chosen by women to get tattooed. A small, simple heart is the usual choice. You can also get tattooed on the lower back with a heart and then have some tribal or other symmetrical lines inked in to appear as if they are spreading sideways from the heart.

Detailed Heart Tattoos

The heart is a basic organ but it can be drawn in so many ways. Some of the best heart tattoo designs are the ones that feature incredible detail such as fine work and shading.

One of the best I have seen lately are those that feature something that looks anatomically like a real heart, complete with veins and arteries.

Unique Heart Tattoos

Most heart tattoos are similar. This is no bad thing but if you crave something unique then they will not do.

Think of the heart as a base – there are many ways to style it. You could have something in the shape of a heart, a heart made of candy, a heart with a piercing going though it, a heart with an arrow through it etc. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.




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