Great Girly Tattoo Designs

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Great Girly Tattoo Designs


Most tattoos look great on girls but then there are also girly tattoos that especially accentuate your femininity. Here are just 4 different types of girly tattoo that you will want to consider before getting your next tattoo.

Girly Wrist Tattoos

girly wrist tattooAlthough both men and women get this area of the skin tattooed, it is far more common with women. The good thing about this location is that it is quite discreet and you shouldn’t be discriminated against if you have one e.g. when applying for a job.

One choice is to get a few words of writing on one or both wrists. If you go for both then you can have an entire message that fits together like two pieces of a jigsaw.

Other girl tattoos to get on the wrist are of a flower or a butteryfly or a hummingbird.

Girly Star Tattoos

Star tattoos can be worn by both guys and girls but are more common with girls. The girliest type of star tattoos are the shooting star style ones where there are multiple stars of varying sizes and colours.

For even better effect, you should place these in a more feminine location to accentuate the contours of your female form such as the side of the torso, the top/side of the foot, the back of the shoulder or the hip.

Girly Tattoos For Lower Back

Lower back tattoos are great and really only look good on girls rather than guys. This is because girls have a much more sexy lower back – the way it curves inwards and then upwards and also the dimples as you go across from left to right.

The most common is a symmetrical tribal tattoo, of which there are many to choose from. However, with a bit of imagination, you can have anything here. I recommend you keep it symmetrical though for the best look.

Butterfly Tattoos For Girls

Although insects are not generally thought of as pretty, the exception is the butterfly. The butterfly tattoo is almost exclusively a tattoo for girls rather than guys.

Most are small and colourful and exist on the ankles or the inner wrist or top of the shoulder. Some are bigger and can be placed on the lower back or the upper back.

Lately, I have seen many tribal-style butterfly tattoos that are in fact a combination of black ink tribal and coloured non-tribal. The butterfly is the focal point and is in its usual colourful glory but is supported by tribal features around it.

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