Flower tattoo Designs

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Flower tattoo Designs

Flower tattoo are mostly favored by women. Sure, men can wear flower shirts, we like calling those man flowers, but it’s not normal to find a flower tattooed on their body. The most popular type is the flower butterfly on the back.

Tattoos are just like clothes, except they will be permanent.

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It is important that you look around before you decide which one you will be putting on your body. You may want the Hawaiian flower right now, but you could change your mind and want the lily flower. This type of design on your body will allow you to have a lot of details with the leafs, petals and tendrils. This is some really great tattoo art.


These beautiful tattoos are always going to be one of the most popular representations of love, femininity and of course, beauty. This type of design is going to go perfect with bugs, butterflies, roses, fairies and hummingbirds.

They can be feminine looking, but at the same time, there is a lot of varieties to choose from. You have many styles from tribal to old school. They are very popular designs that have lots of meaning behind them.

The lily tattoos can be very appealing and tasteful. Many believe that the lily signifies virginity, the radiant soul and purity of the Virgin Mary. The lily is very popular because you will find many beliefs that are associates with this flower.

Whatever the choice you decide upon with this tattoo, whether it is the lily or a tropical Hawaiian flower, we recommend you doing your research to find the design you want.

This tattoo is going to stick around for the rest of your life, so it is important to choose the one that you really want to live with. This should be a design that you would not be ashamed to show to people in public.

There are many magazines that you can purchase that will show you many different designs. However, we would start by looking for the free ones that are posted online, there is a countless amount of designs for free. The tattoo parlor will also have designs that you can choose from.

That would be the designs they specialize in. When you find your floral design that you want to have tattooed on your body, it will be time to take the picture to a parlor that can tattoo the design.

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