Finding Cool Tattoos

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Finding Cool Tattoos


Cool Tattoos

I am positive that you know how simple it is to find cool tattoos on the Internet. There are hundreds of tattoo design websites available via the search engines. The thing that makes searching on the Internet really cool is the fact that the tattoos on most of these websites are categorized. So, if you have a idea of what type of design you are going for, then you will not have to spend hours and hours looking through unrelated designs in the tattoo gallery.

The abundance of the tattoo design websites is not all rosy though. We, at The Tattoo Outlet, spent considerable time and money trying to sort out the Good, Bad and the Ugly amongst these tattoo galleries. At the time we did our reviews of these sites, there were over 200 offering tattoo drawings for sale. We contacted the owner of every site with an objective of giving a fair and honest review of each of the tattoo galleries.

Our primary goal was to make comparisons of all of the available tattoo design websites and what they had to offer. Most of the sites were willing to work with us reviewing their tattoo images and drawings. We are very appreciative of every site that gave us access to their tattoo drawings for the review process.

There were several excellent tattoo design websites. Narrowing down our list was a really tough battle, but we felt that, simplicity, we should narrow our list down to the top seven sites offering cool tattoos. Making our list longer, would only induce confusion into your decision making process. It would kinda be like going to a store selling recliners. If there were 50 to choose from, frustration would set in and that is what we set out to eliminate.





If you have searched for tattoo designs on the Internet or at your local parlor and have not been able to locate any tattoo ideas that represent a special meaning to you, check out our tattoo store that has the best selection of cool tattoo designs.

Most of these tattoo design websites offer more than just a means of finding tattoo ideas. These sites offer things such as tattoo forums to interact and share thoughts with other body art enthusiasts, locating a good parlor in your immediate area, tattoo videos, tattoo news, free tattoo books and other informational help. So, check out our top seven sites and see which one suits your needs the best.

There are a lot of tattoo enthusiasts that have contacted us and ask what is the best place to find tattoos with meaning. We found one website that does an excellent job of explaining tattoo meanings of all the tattoo symbols. This site goes into such great details trying to give explanations of every tattoo imaginable. Check out the site at, It is amazing what they have put together for tattoo meanings.

As an attempt to make it easier to find this information, we have developed some tatoo meanings pages for the most of the common categories. These pages will not cover every type tattoo design that is available in the galleries like the vanishingtattoo does. We selected the categories of designs that most tattoo galleries used to list their designs. Again, trying to keep our list more simplified.

Tattoo Examples:



Of course, tattoo drawings have different meanings for different people. What we have listed is the meanings of the designs as specified on various sites on the Internet and brought all of this information together on our site. We hope that bringing this info together in one place would benefit our readers searching for this knowledge.

Get ideas for your next tattoo by checking out our list of most popular tattoo designs and tattoo meanings.



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