Creating Your Own Polynesian Tattoo Design


Creating Your Own Polynesian Tattoo Design Has Never Been Easier!


As one who’s fascinated with the mystical world of Polynesian tattoo designs, I found out that one the greatest challenges, is to decide on a specific design from this enigmatic culture; Every simple line, or circle has a special meaning and it was hard for me to decide. Until I found Tahititatou’s online dictionary of Polynesian tattoo designs and meanings, that lets you:

Design your Own Polynesian tattoo – The dictionary allows you to make your own personal tattoo, based on the database of designs that were derived from Polynesian ancient mythology, and cultural stories and history.

Polynesian tattoo designs

Understand what every design and symbol means – you get the privilege of leering about every symbol and what it represents for the Polynesian culture (for example: energy, passion, life) and how it was used by the Polynesian natives throughout their history (like, was used by warriors, elders of the tribe…), and most importantly where it was tattooed on the natives bodies.

Consult with a pro Polynesian tattoo designs artist – after you’ve design your own Polynesian tattoo, you can talk about it with an expert tattoo artist and get his pro’ insight about it, and where to get the ink done on your body, like the real natives get it done!

After this cultural experience believe me that you’ll feel that the Polynesian tattoo has become an inseparable part of your body; maybe you’ll even want to fly to Tahiti and live there for a while, for an overall experience