Cat Tattoo Designs

by ryan

Cat Tattoo Designs


Are you interested in cat designs? Its not every day that you actually see people walking around with Cat Tattoos. Or is it..? Truth is that many people have tattoos of cats.


Many tattoo lovers have these amazing cat tattoos hidden away underneath there clothes. Over the years I have seen many people with tattoos of cats ranging from tigers, pumas, panthers, cheetahs and lions etc.

Some of the tattoos were very nicely done and others were horrific! We at tattoo body ink have compiled a ton of photos of cat tattoos for you to see all in one place!

View all of these amazing Cat Tattoos Below.

Top Cat Tattoo Designs

As you can see these are amazing cat tattoo designs from all over the world. Even the smallest cat tattoos are beautiful. The cat is an amazing animal and looks great as a tattoo. If your at your local tattoo shop, consider maybe getting a great cat tattoo.

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