Butterfly Tattoos

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Butterfly Tattoos


Different Types of Butterfly Tattoos to Choose From

There are many different types of butterfly tattoos to choose from when looking to obtain this type of tattoo. This is a great tattoo design choice in that there are many ways to make each butterfly tattoo an original work of art. As there are many types of butterflies, there are also many types of butterfly tattoos.


The best way to decide which type of butterfly tattoo you want to get is to look at a book or butterfly-related website that shows pictures of different varieties of butterfly. You should then bring that picture into your local tattoo parlor so the artist will have something to go by when he applies the butterfly tattoo to your body.

You can also request to have butterfly tattoos done in a wide variety of colors. As butterflies themselves have numerous beautiful colors on their bodies, any color scheme that you choose for butterfly tattoos will most likely look attractive. Tattoo parlors usually have a wide variety of color choices and making your butterfly tattoo stand out will be no difficult task for the crafty tattoo artist. The artist may even have some color suggestions for you as well depending on the design and your skin tone.

By choosing a unique and different butterfly tattoo and unusual color scheme your butterfly tattoo will be a masterpiece and one which you are sure to be proud of.

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