Breast Cancer Tattoos

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Breast Cancer Tattoos

Breast cancer tattoos are a great way for a person to face their condition and acknowledge it. They are also a great way for family members to show solidarity and support for their loved ones going through tough times. Here are 6 good breast cancer tattoo designs to check out before getting your next tattoo.

Breast Cancer Tattoos For Girls

There are many different kinds of breast cancer tattoos for girls. Some of the best ones are small pink ribbons but there are also many more to choose from. Let’s look at them in more detail below.

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Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Ribbons have become associated with awareness of many health conditions, especially cancer. The most famous of these is the pink ribbon representing breast cancer.

Many survivors get a small pink ribbon tattooed. You can also include words with this. I have even seen a really unique one that was words written in the style of a ribbon that said “hope”.

Breast Cancer Memorial Tattoos

Many people get memorial tattoos after losing a loved one. While most do not wish to be reminded especially of the manner of death, some do it as a tribute to their loved one in order to raise awareness and help prevent others from becoming similar victims.

One of the best breast cancer memorial tattoos that I have seen was a piece that went across the shoulders with a few words, a message to mother, dates that she lived and a classic pink ribbon.

Breast Cancer Butterfly Tattoos

One of the more recent breast cancer symbols has been the butterfly. It features the ribbon in the centre and the wings outstretched either side.

Coincidentally, this makes for a great tattoo because butterflies have always been popular, especially with women. All the usual variations can be done e.g. a tribal breast cancer butterfly design.

Breast Cancer Tattoos For Men

Although men can get breast cancer, the vast majority of men who want a breast cancer tattoo are usually the husbands or boyfriends of breast cancer patients.

Most go for the standard ribbon. There is no social pressure to masculinise this tattoo.

Breast Cancer Tattoos With Wings

This type of tattoo is normally worn when someone has lost a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or friend to breast cancer. The wings denote that they have passed away. They may also be accompanied with a small paper-look strip that contains a name and perhaps dates of birth and death.



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