Angels Tattoo designs

by ryan

Angels Tattoo designs

Angel tattoo designs are some of the most popular tattoo designs online. Mainly, it is woman that get Angel Tattoos. Here are a few popular spots on the female body that woman will generally get tattoos. ( Lower Back, Upper Back and Side of Body



Angel Wings have many meanings to many different people. Generally, when someone gets this design there is a specific reason OR they just like the design.

Here is the EXACT meaning of the design Angel wings are associated with the spiritual, a higher evolution of the soul, higher realms of existence or ascension.

They are a symbol of good luck or protection against evil, or symbolise hope, enlightenment.

Most Popular Body Locations

  • Womans Rib Cage
    Lower Back ( Commonly Referred to as the Tramp Stamp Tattoo LOL )
    Upper back
    Upper Neck
    FULL Back Tattoo ( Full Angel Wings )
    Ankle Tattoo
    Small Wings on the wrist
    Rare but On the Chest ( under the breasts )



Men also get Angel Wing tattoos more commonly now then before. I’ve seen a few guys myself in the local tattoo shops. I have to say that the colored tats are the coolest to look at. Especially in the sunlight. There is something just so peaceful about angelic tattoos. Peaceful… I guess.

I will say that most guys will either get strictly many angel wings or they will get Archangel Tattoos. What is an Archangel Tat Well let me give you a brief intro in the meaning, concept and design of it.

Arch Angel Design

The Archangel Tattoo most commonly depicts a FIGHTER OF GOD or a soldier of GOD is you will.

They usually look pretty cool reason being that they are equipped with very neat looking weapons and shields to fight off the EVIL. I have seen many designs in color and a lot in black ink with shading. Most common spots are The upper arm area, the forearm, the upper back and the full leg.


Below are a few designs of some Angle Tattoos that woman would generally get.

Below are a few designs of some Arch Angel ( GOD LIKE ) Tattoos that Men usually get.












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