22 Wrist Tattoo Design Templates

by ryan


22 Wrist Tattoo Design Templates


The wrist tattoo is becoming more and more popular. It is usually small and partially concealed. Small yet simple, the wrist tattoo is a winner and there are several good designs to choose form. In this article, I’ll tell you about 4 different wrist tattoo designs that you could use for your next tattoo.

Inner Wrist Tattoo Designs

In general, most wrist tattoos are worn on the inner portion of the wrist. This means that they are usually concealed if you are walking around. Most people with this tattoo don’t attempt to conceal it but it is kind of cool to be able to have a tattoo that only shows sometimes and not all of the time.

Wrist Tattoos Writing

Getting some sort of writing tattooed into your wrist is very popular indeed. Usually it is a name or some kind of quote (sometimes even scripture).

Many people choose to get both wrists done but with one half of the message on each wrist – you can then put the wrists together and read the entire message. A variation on this theme is for you and a friend or lover to get half a message or each other’s names tattooed on each other’s wrists.

Star Wrist Tattoos

Star tattoos are popular anyway and because they are so small then they are often used for the wrist. Sometimes people just get a single tiny star tattooed there. Many celebrities do this such as Avril Lavigne or Eva Longoria. Other times, people get several stars done in a “shooting star” type effect, in multiple colours.

Inner wrist tattoos are generally more popular with women, especially the ones with multiple colours.

Flower Wrist Tattoo Designs

Getting a flower design on your wrist is also popular. The number one choice is a lily or similar plant i.e. pink petals with green leaves and stalk. Sometimes, only the flower is tattooed onto the wrist and this look mostly circular and is worn directly on the wrist. At other times, a flower and stalk is drawn and this tends to extend further up the arm.

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoos are popular anyway because they are symbolic of a reawakening or rebirth. They are also usually intensely colourful.

This type of tattoo is usually coloured rather than being solely in black ink. It is again usually worn on the inner wrist although some people want to show off the colours and wear it on the outer wrist instead.

The Lowdown – Tattoos On The Wrist Are For Women Or For Men?

Most tattoos on the wrist are worn by women and have mostly feminine characteristics. Some guys also wear them and they can be pulled off. Good designs from above are basic black/green stars and writing.

In particular, the most popular tattoos of the wrist for men are tribal style or featuring writing or symbols. They are also often placed further up the arm, about midway between the wrist joint and the elbow.



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