20 Tattoo Lettering Font Templates

by ryan


20 Tattoo Lettering Font Templates


Download the latest templates for TATOO Font and lettering. These are collected from the latest websites and tattoo forums.

Finding a Cool Tattoo Font Should Be Done With Time and Care


Fortunately, you can (and should) take your time choosing a tattoo font, and you can even “test drive” a number of different fonts on your skin before you go ahead and make it permanent.

Your first step is to log on and search the Internet for cool tattoo fonts. You will immediately be confronted with an embarrassment of riches. The choices of fonts number in the hundreds. It takes considerable time for anyone to get familiar with all the font choices available. Some will appeal to you immediately, while others will intuitively strike you as a definite no-no for your personality.


The real challenge is whittling the selection down to a manageable set of choices. However, the final choice can be made easier if you “test-drive” your favorite tattoo fonts. It’s easy to do. Simply search for and buy something called “transfer paper” for temporary tattoos. This is paper that will work into your desktop printer. You can print anything you want on transfer paper, font, image or symbol — and then place your printed tattoo design on your skin. What you’ll have is a temporary tattoo that looks just like the real thing..

A temporary tattoo will enable you to see exactly how your chosen tattoo or tattoo font will look. You can even wear it around for a while and get feedback from your friends and family. If you like it and everyone else does, you’ve found a winner!

Remember that even the word processing programs on computers, such as Microsoft Word, come with dozens of fonts. Any one of these may be exactly what you are looking for. Print them out and test them. Other sources of cool tattoo fonts are everywhere online, of course.

Some people hate canned fonts, however. The danger of selecting a font from any standard word-processing program is that thousands of other people may have chosen the same one. For some people that doesn’t matter because it is the meaning or message which is important.


However, if you want to be ensured of a truly unique tattoo font, you may consider hiring a designer to create an all-new font just for you. You’ll have to pay more for this special service – but this is an extremely important decision, and so paying more for something that is permanent may be worth it.

If you really and truly want a unique and cool tattoo font, you may take on the challenge of creating your own! And a final suggestion: You may want to do a bit of research on the history of font creation itself. Since the invention of the printing press more than 500 years ago, developing fonts styles has evolved into an incredibly high art. Understanding the meaning and history behind specific fonts can give you a greater sense of appreciation about something that most of take for granted – fonts! Whatever the case, don’t take your tattoo font choice for granted. It’s an important decision. Take the time you need to get it right.









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