10 Template Egyptian Tattoos

by ryan


Egyptian Tattoos


Egyptian tattoos are a good idea because not only do they look great but they also have great historical and mythical relevance. Here are 7 great different types of Egyptian tattoos that you will want to check out before getting your next tattoo.

Egyptian Tattoo Symbols

There are a great number of Egyptian symbols that have powerful significance and just generally look good. For example, the head of Tutankhamun or the impressive side profile of Nefertiti. Need I tell you about the significance of the Sphinx.

Another great symbol is the Ankh which is also known as the key of life, the key of the Nile or the crux ansata. It’s actually a hieroglyphic character and nobody knows its real origins but Egyptian gods are depicted carrying it. It looks like a regular cross but the uppermost vertical section is replaced by a loop.

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoos

The pyramid has huge historical significance for the world, let alone the Egyptians. We are still not quite sure how they were built – some people believe that there is even an extraterrestrial connection there.

This tattoo can be of a pyramid alone or there can be some scenery behind it, including the rays of the sun.

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Egyptian Tattoos For Girls

Egyptian tattoos are fairly neutral and are not really better suited to either gender.

If you want a feminine tattoo then the closest that you will get is to get a tattoo fo an iconic woman such as Nefertiti.

Egyptian Tattoo Lettering

Egyptian tattoo lettering or, more accurate, hieroglyphics are very popular. This is because the language used pictures as letters.

A really good one is to find out what your name is in hieroglyphics and to then get this tattooed. This will ensure that your tattoo is unique to you.

Egyptian Tattoo Sleeve

This type of work is quite rare and you will have to look hard to find good examples of Egyptian sleeves. A good sleeve of this sort will most of the time consist of several different Egyptian icons combined together. For sleeve work, your best bet is to discuss your project with several good artists and go with the one whose vision you most agree with.

Egyptian Cat Tattoo

Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as gods and even mummified them after their death. You could choose one of the many cat gods such as Bastet, to be the subject of a tattoo.

Egyptian Eye Tattoo

The Wedjat or the Eye of Horus is an icon of Ancient Egypt. Mythologically speaking, the eye was considered to be powerful and an actrive organ of protection and wrath. It even has great mathematical significance.

Some of these tattoos are just a black outline but the really good ones expand on this with shading, multiple colours and by building other symbols around it.



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